About us


Hello my name is Anita Kennedy, I am the Founder and Business Owner of Idyllic Candles. I am a devoted mother of two, a proud wife and of course a little bit candle crazy.

Idyllic Candles was born the year of 2008, the same year our daughter was born… this is our story.

The birth of our daughter Carlie was the year I stopped purchasing candles from stores as I was concerned about the harmful chemicals our baby girl was breathing in every time I lit a candle. As I have always been a candle lover it was an addiction I was sad to say good bye to. So I set out in research of a more natural approach to fulfil my desire of candles. The more research I done I realised not only were the candles I was burning harmful to our baby girl they were also harmful to our environment. Finally my research had paid off, I found soy wax. An environmentally friendly resource that is made from 100% natural soybeans. Soy wax is created with pure natural soybean oil. It is composed of non-petroleum renewable resources, promoting the growth and care of our environment while burning crisper, cleaner and cooler with a gentle natural glow. Not only do Idyllic Candles consist of the finest natural soy wax, they are infused with our world famous fragrances and complemented with 100% pure cotton wicks to perfectly produce our lovingly hand poured candles.

As my journey of candle making started for personal use I became confident and started giving them to family and friends. My beautiful mother and loving husband both full of inspiration and enthusiasm had encouraged me to take them to a local market, from there I had customers returning for more and I had small retail shops asking to stock my hand made candles. I was elated.

And so began Idyllic Candles...